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Today when i was working with helper methods for a ruby on rails project, i faced a problem of not rendering HTML tags in View

Instead it rendered as a String.

For example, the actual scenario is,

I had the following code in helper module

def show_list(num, page=nil)
content = []
for i in collection
content << "<li> #{i.name} </li>"

Inside view when i called this method

<%=  show_list(25) %>

I got the output as a string, “<li>actual data goes here</li>”, not interpreting the HTML tags

Then after surfing for nearly a couple of hours, i came to know that its a wrong way of calling the method in View

The right way  is to prefix the method using raw helper method

Correct way

<%= raw show_list(25) %>

Now the view displays the data as a list item 🙂


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