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Greetings !

Today i learnt the theoretical part of MVC ( Model-View-Controller ) architecture in depth

My teammate Ramachandran also explained the basics of Rails and MVC concepts

Then i worked onĀ  how to provide a backup environment for a local storage using git

I created a simple rails application and pushed its contents to a remote repository using Git

Installing Git on Ubuntu 10.04

sudo apt-get install git-core

Creating an Account

After installing git, go to https://github.com/ and create an account by clicking Login button

First-time system setup

Type the following commands, to introduce yourself to git

git config –global user.name “Your Name”

git config –global user.email youremail@example.com

Give your name and your public email id in the above commands

Creating a rails application

Now lets view the contents inside this empty rails application.

Our aim is push these contents into remote repository of git

Initialize a local repository

This initialization is done using git init command

Add the contents of the project using git add

Commit it using git commit

To create a new remote repository in github.com login into git account and click on “Create a Repository” as shown below

After clicking the link ( Create a Repository ) you will be asked to enter the project details as shown below

Fill the Project Name, Description and click on “Create Repository” button

An URL is generated for your repo in the name of project name

For example, here the url is https://github.com/rajee/simplerails

Now its time to pushing your local repo to remote repo

It is done using two commands

git remote add origin git@github.com:<username>/projectname.git
git push origin master

That’s all your files are transfered.

You can view it @ https://github.com/rajee/simplerails

The screenshot looks like as follows

By 4 p.m. we had a SCRUM Meet and i told like i exlpored the concepts behind MVC architecture and worked on Github


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