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Hai today i tried installing chromium browser on Ubuntu 10.04

What is Chromium ?

Chromium is an open-source browser project that aims to build a safer, faster, and more stable way for all users to experience the web.

Source : http://www.chromium.org/


sudo apt-get install chromium-browser

You can find the browser

Applications – > Internet – > Chromium Web Browser


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Today our mentor Mr. Thyagarajan was guiding in integrating calendar application in Rails developed by my teammate Rakesh

They were using Ajax calls, making modifications in rails project folders

It seems to be confusing for me

Im not clear with the steps they done

I told my problem to mentor

He said he will repeat the whole process again to make me to understand

Then  i updated my blog and my page @ http://wiki.slashprog.com/

I also gave a try to install Chromium and Google Chrome web browsers on Ubuntu 10.04


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Our mentor Mr.Thagu sir taught us  the simplicity of working with MySQL with Rails Vs PHP

In the previous post i shared my experience in inserting the values into MySQL via PHP script

Now lets the see the same method via Ruby on Rails

It is assumed that you have installed ruby 1.8.7 or higher and ruby on rails version 3.0.3 and its dependencies

This is done using rails version 3.0.3

Steps :

1. Create a new application ( here the name of the application is slashprog ) to use mysql

2. Change into your application directory

3. Edit and configure the config/database.yml to include your mysql password

This will open database.yml file which looks like below

Add your mysql password in password field in development, test, production

In the following screenshot i have added my mysql password  ( rajee )

4. Generate a scaffold

5. Create a database

6. Migrate into database

7. Run the server

8. Open the browser and point to http://localhost:3000/slashes

You can see the output as

Click on New Slash and add the entries

Click on ‘ Create Slash ‘ button

Now we need to verify this entry is added or not in our mysql database

Login into mysql db.

You can see a database created with yourprojectname_development ( here slashprog_development )

You can also find a tablename (e.g.,slashes)  matching the one when you point to the browser ( http://localhost:3000/slashes/)

Thats all.

Values are inserted

It soooo simple than the PHP Script.

You can also edit, delete, update the records via browser  ( http://localhost:3000/slashes/ )

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Greetings !

Yesterday our mentor Thyagu sir engaged the sessions in Ruby on Rails

He showed the powerfulness of Rails by comparing the same script written in PHP and Rails

I realised how powerful and secure Rails is.

Then we had a hands-on session of how to generate a small application using Rails.

He also demonstrated how to add a column and remove a column in rails application.


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